Vegetable bed preparation

Did some weeding and tilling in the vegetable garden to prepare for spring planting…
The soils is still cold but the weeds are having a head-start already.
So, need to remove them before they get too big.
Am putting up a boundary for all the beds with materials such as planks.
The idea of the boundary, slightly raised higher than the soil levels, is to provide some space to do mulching with dry leaves.
The raised boundary-planks is also intended to give the leaves some protection from the winds, which can be quite strong in the spring.
But oops! While working on the soil, I inadvertently woke up a couple of frogs that were probably hibernating in the soil.

They seemed a bit agitated as they hopped away from the intruder.
Managed to snap some shots after they settled down…
This one found its space under one of the planks.
We thought it was a ‘tono sama gaeru’ (literally, the ‘king of frogs’) due to its color and patterns.
Apparently, they take on the color of the surroundings, camouflaging…

But from the same vicinity came this equally cute little one…
It was hopping away from me, profusely… until it settled upon some dry twigs near a bush.
My missus is particularly fond of this ‘ama gaeru’ (rain frog).
But, how come this cutie is green while the other, light brown… beats me…

Harvested some red and white radishes…
They mature in about three weeks and are easy to grow.
Real crunchy and sweet they are…

And a purple cauliflower as well…
They lose their color when we boil them.

Looks quite nice but I think they taste just about the same as the white ones.

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1 Response to Vegetable bed preparation

  1. Cool! First time I'm seeing purple cauliflower! It looks so pretty! It is just like the red okra that looses the colour when boils! Thanks for sharing!

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