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Wild strawberries

There are several species of wild strawberries in the hills.Picked this up on one of our weekend walks.Tasted good and fresh…Looked it up in the net later… in Japanese, it is called ‘kusa ichigo’ (literally, grass strawberry).Also took a seedling … Continue reading

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Lot 57, when purchased…

When we purchased Lot 57 (as it is officially called), it was simply loaded with various types of grasses and trees… some of which, unsurprisingly, were taller than me.View of Lot 57… house is on top left, and Japan Inland Sea … Continue reading

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Peas so sweet…

Didn’t have much success with peas for the last two years.Used to buy them in little pots, from the DIY shop.Finally bought seeds last October.Green peas, snap peas, and ‘silk field’ peas… Wooh, had been harvesting them since late March … Continue reading

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The beginnings…

Been living in Japan since 1987, first as a foreign student, and subsequently as an academician.Due to the unstable situation and of course for a lack of funds, have always been staying in apartments.In the process, we had the ‘privilege’ … Continue reading

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