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Angled loofah

We were growing the smooth loofah (aka Egyptian loofah) for sometime now…My missus initially bought a seedling and we have been using the seeds for several seasons now… It taste a bit like eggplant…Then, I bought some angled loofah seeds from Bangkok…And … Continue reading


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Beets and cucumbers…

Harvested quite a bit of beets this season…They belong to the ‘goose-foot’ family, as does the spinach…My missus slices them and have them cooked lightly in vinegar…Lovely vegetable, I must say… Here is a sample of the cucumbers we harvested … Continue reading

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Tiger lily… pink rose…

We put on the kerosene stove to keep us warm in winters…On top of the stove, we sometimes put a pot there…From the pot, we cook soup, boil water, and at times, red beans…With the red bean soup, we put in the bulb … Continue reading

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Failures and successes this spring season

We had thought that it was a human thief who stole our sweet potatoes… And then my missus talked to one of our neighbors who said that their sweet potatoes were also stolen… By racoons, they said… Just then, my … Continue reading

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