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Bones into the soil

Winds are howling and temperatures are dipping… The lows are around zero degree with the highs hovering around five degrees…There was sleet last night and snow is forecasted for this evening…The Japan Inland Sea is choppy and fising boats nor … Continue reading


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Marigold, cosmos, zinia…

Even in the cold weather, the marigold plants in the potager still bloom…They emit a very nice fragrance…I plant them as ‘companions’ to the veggies as they are supposed to ward off harmful insects…Their petals are reported to be edible … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, daikon, beans, malabar spinach

A friend of my wife sent us some seeds of this Sicilian Rouge tomato… Tried planting it very late in the season…Not too bad in that we get to harvest some fruits just before the cold came in… Planted daikon … Continue reading

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Sweet potatoes, mandarin oranges

Grew three species of sweet potatoes last April…The racoons got the better of the potatoes, but luckily they left some behind…The above potatoes are called ‘Anno’…The flesh is orange in color and is extremely smooth, moist, and sweet…We take them … Continue reading

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Wild grapes, Swiss chard…

We are very lucky to have several wild grape plants in our property…They are very capable of taking care of themselves, which means zero attention from me… I just prune them and position their canes in such a way so … Continue reading

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