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Parsnip, part two…

Eliza suggested that I could ‘get some dual usage’ out of the post on parsnips by sending it to her ‘How to find great plants’ carnival.. Well, happy as I am to be asked, I don’t think I can make the … Continue reading

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Rocoto peppers for ‘Seed Week’…

An international student from Peru was too gracious to bring four rocoto peppers for me… The fruits don’t look as fresh as they should be… Why, for they were hand-carried (smuggled?) all the way from the shores of Lake Titicaca, 3811 meters above sea level … Continue reading


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Japanese plum flowers, winter roses

Autumn Belle asked about the plum flowers…We have two white plum trees, and one red…The whites are flowering now…  One of the them gives us good fruits every year… And wine is what we make them out to be… As … Continue reading

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‘Assignments’ for the coming season…

No photos for this post… Am contemplating on doing a lot of things this coming spring…1. Pumpkin: failed miserably last season. The only fruit I got was a fist-sized tiny pumpkin,.. inedible of course…2. Zucchini: as above, failed badly in … Continue reading

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Parsnip harvest…

The parsnips are ready for harvest… I bought the seeds from Cairns last year…This ‘three-legged’ one weighed 255 grams… The first two that I harvested a few days ago weighed about 200 grams… This vegetable is called ‘shiro-ninjin’ (literally, white … Continue reading

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