‘Assignments’ for the coming season…

No photos for this post…

Am contemplating on doing a lot of things this coming spring…
1. Pumpkin: failed miserably last season. The only fruit I got was a fist-sized tiny pumpkin,.. inedible of course…
2. Zucchini: as above, failed badly in 2010… planted a Toscany, a green, and a yellow… but all died or fared poorly… next spring, shall buy a packet of seeds to plant all over…
3. Four-angled beans: had been trying to plant this bean for the last three years with seeds brought from Malaysia, but just as they began to flower, the cold came and killed them… arrggh… this year, I am buying the seeds from Japan… let’s see what happens…
4. Cekur: a very fragrant herb found in my family plot in Malaysia… like the four angled beans, had been trying for the last two years without success… but am not giving up as yet…
5. Yes, I am planning to grow more rose geraniums here and there in the potager… I just love the smell when their leaves are rubbed on… this cutie may just win my vote as my most favorite plant…
6. And should I say, trap the racoon that I suspect had robbed me of my sweet potatoes… shall be attending a course soon to get a licence to do the trapping… am quite excited with this prospect…
7. Make the potager more pleasant looking? Hmmm… am not so much of a garden designer but shall try and see what I can do…

For more stuff on ‘assignments’, see fer

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18 Responses to ‘Assignments’ for the coming season…

  1. HAZEL says:

    Well, that sounds like a plan! I went back through some of your old posts. I think your potager looks fine. Vegetables are beautiful in their own right.

  2. Lrong says:

    Arigato for your kind comments… vegetables are indeed beautiful in their own right…

  3. p3chandan says:

    A good new year assingments Mr Lrong, more hard work but its worth every effort! How do you eat the cekur, the leaves or the tuber?My timun Jepun only manage to get one deformed fruit! This year Im trying on green vegetables for the first time in my new raised bed, not sure how it will turn out though. Im trying the kacang botol too. So good luck on the new resolutions!

  4. Good luck and may the rewards be a bountiful harvest!!Rosie

  5. Theanne... says:

    You're a true gardener Lrong…you're willing to try and try again and if one packet of seeds fails miserably you try a different brand…you will succeed because you're learning and growing as a gardener…You may be interested in Bangchik's (in Malaysia) "My Little Vegetable Garden"http://mylittlevegetablegarden.blogspot.com

  6. fer says:

    Your plans sound great! I also want to try growing some pumpkin. I am wondering If it is possible out of a little pot, any recommendations?Best luck!

  7. Malar says:

    You have many vegetables on the way! Racoon trap? We need a licence? that's sound interesting!

  8. Lrong says:

    p3… cekur leaves that is… I can eat one (small) plate of rice with just the cekur leaves mixed with ginger, thai basil, and soy sauce… lovely… Seeing what you are doing thus far, your first attempt at green veggies on raised bed should be a breeze… good luck on your timun and kacang botol too!Rosie… thank you! If harvest is bountiful, very happy… if otherwise, happy also…Theanne… 'danke' for your confidence in me as a 'true gardener'… now, I must work doubly hard… try and try and try again… thanks for the mention on Bangchik's blog…fer… actually, while bicycling to work some years ago, I used to enjoy seeing one old gentleman growing pumpkins on a styrofoam container (similar to the one you use for cold frame)… every spring, he would be planting just one plant, and the vines would grow up to his second floor, entwining themselves onto a bamboo pole… the flowers and the fruits were always dangling down so beautifully… for your case, perhaps the vines may be allowed to spread across the upper part of your balcony, horizontally on a bamboo pole? Imagine the fruits dangling down… what a sight it would be… Why not give it a try?

  9. milka says:

    Wah you have so much to do in the coming spring! I always thought planting veggies are lot more easier in cooler country (at least there are lesser pest problem?) but it seems not after hearing you said most of your veggies were not growing well. Anyway it sounds challenging, and i hope to see how your veggies will turn out this year. Good luck! And happy gardening 🙂

  10. Lrong says:

    milka… yeap, there is a lot to do, which means, a lot of fun to enjoy in the garden… coming from Msia and now living in Japan, I observe that there are probably as many pests as they are in Japan as in Msia… it is equally challenging, on both counts, I think… I have had many 'failures' but also many 'successes' as well… Thanks for your encouragement!:)

  11. Lrong says:

    Malar… yes, we need a licence (or a certificate) to do that, otherwise we will go against the local laws…

  12. Short and to the point–I like that.

  13. Lrong says:

    Carolyn… thank you… I like it too…

  14. I hope tanuki have not teach the racoon any tricks:).Maybe you can try different variety to see which suit your place this year. The zucchini I planted this year also don't fruit really well. I read that kacang botol needs a really long time to grow before it produce. Hence the challenge. Maybe buying seeds from Japan can give you many produce this year as the seeds has adapt the weather there. Please come and join us for Seed Week.

  15. Lrong says:

    Yeap, it is an interesting challenge as well… shall definitely try different varieties to see… shall take a look at Seed Week…

  16. fer says:

    Thank you for the encouragement! I will be sure to give it a try

  17. Wonderful garden goals! Sorry to hear about the pumpkin and other veggies but it is nice you aren't giving up. I'm very curious about the herb you mentioned — I love new culinary herbs! I'd love it if you'd submit a post for the next issue of How to Find Great Plants. Here's the link:http://www.appalachianfeet.com/how-to-find-great-plants/If you don't have time to write a new post you can submit one that you've already written (such as your recent one on parsnips).

  18. Lrong says:

    Eliza… many thanks for dropping by… along with Thai basil, this herb is probably my of my top favorite herbs… it is an honor to be asked to submit a post… shall do so after checking out the link…

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