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Potager Y ‘mascot’ captured

Have been trying to capture this cutie for a long time…The Daurian Redstart is a migratory bird, coming to our potager only in the winter season…Each morning as we are having breakfast, he comes around…   He was resting on a wooden … Continue reading


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Manuka tea tree, chrysanthemums, potager snowed…

We had about 3 centimeters of snow today…Flights were delayed, and the transport system momentarily went kaput…The last time we had ‘so much’ snow was 25 years ago…Which means to say I can’t be outdoors doing my thing…So, photo taking it … Continue reading

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Stylish Blogger Award… many thanks…

This photo-less post is simultaneously uploaded in my two blogs, Kedahan-Malaysian in Japan and… the reason being, both these blogs were awarded the ‘Stylish Blogger Award’ by My Little Potted Garden and milka’s jishiben respectively… Before I continue, a … Continue reading

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Roots and flowers for the festive season…

Today is the Lunar New Year…For the Japanese, it is ‘setsubun no hi’, translated as ‘Bean Throwing Festival’…On this day, the Japanese people eat ‘norimaki’ (vinegared rice rolled in seaweed), sardines, and throw beans to ward off the devil…In more down … Continue reading

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