In Florida now…

Am on the road now, so no post for the time being…
See On a mission in the US… after an absence of 25 years

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Gardening, I adore... Photography, I cherish... Scuba diving, I fancy... Shakuhachi, I relish... and barefoot walking, I revel in...
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18 Responses to In Florida now…

  1. Autumn Belle says:

    Wishing you a pleasant and safe journey and a successful trip abroad!

  2. Lrong says:

    AB, milka… thank you very much for your kind notes…

  3. Accomplish what you can and be safe!

  4. Lrong says:

    Theanne… thank you… wil certainly do my best…

  5. Malar says:

    Have a safe trip!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Happy going places 😀

  7. Cat says:

    Safe travels Lrong! Hope you find Florida welcoming and enjoyable.

  8. Lrong says:

    Malar, Stephanie, Cat… many thanks to all of you kind folks for your support… florida is very nice place to visit… many new things to see and do, and also to eat…

  9. No wonder you have been absent for a while. Was going to ask you if springtime in Japan is evident now or not. Have a good voyage!Rosie

  10. Greetings from Southern California I am your newest follower. I invite you to visit my blog and follow me if you want too. God bless you 🙂 ~Ron

  11. Lrong says:

    Rosie… yeap, spring must be calling in Japan now… while I am enjoying my time here in the US, I also cannot wait to go back to my potager…Ron… greetings from San Francisco, today, tomorrow, and the day after… it is a pleasure to meet you… shall certainly be following your blog and god bless you too…

  12. Matron says:

    enjoy the sunshine!

  13. Lrong says:

    matron… thank you! will certainly do so…

  14. Autumn Belle says:

    I'm so sad and sorry to hear about the massive earthquake in Japan. Sendai is quite far from your place, so I hope everything's ok.

  15. Lrong says:

    Autumn Belle… appreciate your concern… yes, the epicentre is around Sendai area… we are watching the situation and waiting to see what is going to happen…

  16. After the horrific earthquake and tsunami, I hope this finds you well and safe at home. The last I heard you didn't know if you'd be able to fly out of San Francisco or land in Japan. I am so very saddened for your country that this has happened…please know that I along with so many, many others think of you and pray for your safety.

  17. Lrong says:

    Theanne… we are still held up at LA, waiting for the first available flight to take us back to Japan… thank you so much for your prayers…

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