Held up in LA waiting for first available flight home

Yours truly would like to thank all you kind folks who wrote in to sympathize, encourage, and console us in this difficult time…

It is really heart-wrenching for us particularly, being residents of Japan, to see such a terrible disaster unfolding as time passes by…

On a private level, we are thankful to god as we are not directly affected by the quake or tsunami…

Our home is in Kagawa prefecture, which is situated on the island of Shikoku, the southwest corner of the archipelago…

My mother in law and relatives are staying in Kanagawa prefecture, near Tokyo…

They felt strong tremors, had some glasses broken, experienced long hours of power cuts but are generally doing alright…

My missus and I are currently in Los Angeles…

We were due to fly back to Japan on the early hours of 12th March…

But our flight was cancelled because Haneda International Airport was closed…

This morning, we contacted All Nippon Airways (ANA) and managed to put our names as standby passengers in a series of flights from LA to Haneda International or Narita International Airport.

Imagine the number of fellow passengers who are in the same position, all equally eager and even desperate to return home…

The earliest confirmed flight that ANA found for us was a flight that departs LA at noontime of 15th March…

If we take this flight, we would reach our home in Takamatsu city at about noon time on 17th March…

We hope ANA can call us up for an earlier flight though…

Anyway, at this point of time, we would like to let our relatives and friends know that we are doing ok although I am feeling a bit fatigue…

(Note: this note is posted in both Potager Y as well as Kedahan-Malaysian in Japan)

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21 Responses to Held up in LA waiting for first available flight home

  1. I am glad that your family in Japan are all safe. I feel so sad of what happened as Japan is like my second home.I also worry about my friends. Hope you can hear from ANA soon. kokoro ga itandeimasu.

  2. Glad to hear that you are OK. We watch those pictures with horror. It is like a really badly made for TV Hollywood movie, with not believable special effects. Can't imagine where or how Japan can start clearing up and start again. Travel safe. Diana

  3. One says:

    Thank you for the update. I'm glad you and your family are safe…though emotionally, I'm sure you are still affected having your close ones at the scene. I hope you and your family continue to be safe.

  4. Cat says:

    Lrong, my prayers go out to you and your family. I'm relieved to hear that you are safe and I'll pray for a speedy return home for you and your wife. Safe travels. Thanks for posting to let us know you're ok.

  5. rainfield61 says:

    You are, at least, safe.We pray for the rest.

  6. Lrong says:

    Malay-Kadazan girl… thank you for your message… we are waiting for ANA to call us with regards to the flights… hope your friends in Japan are ok as well…Elephant's Eye… thank you Diana, for your kind words… yes, there is a lot of work to do with regards to the resurrection and really, one wonders where the starting point is…One… yes, we are very emotionally distressed and tired, although physically we are ok… we will continue to keep safe on our way back to Japan… Cat… my gratitude for your prayers and symphaties… we will certainly keep safe on our return leg to our home at Takamatsu…rainfield61… thank your for your prayer… we need it…

  7. Dear Lrong, So glad to hear you are O.K. Safe journey. My prayers are with you and your wife and family. P

  8. I'm so happy your family is safe in Japan…and that one way or the other you will be able to fly home. I know it's difficult but rest as you're able. Thinking of you and your wife!

  9. p3chandan says:

    Hope you have a safe journey home. Happy to hear everything ok with your family and relatives in Japan.Take care…

  10. Bom says:

    I found your blog through Autumn Belle. My prayers to you and your family.

  11. Autumn Belle says:

    I know the long wait must have been very painful to endure. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and family and the people of Japan. Wishing you a smooth and safe journey home.

  12. Bananazஇ says:

    Take care have a pleasant flight. Wow read your two minute fame from The Star, wow very determined guy riding all the way from Alor Star to B'worth on your iron horse..Salute!

  13. Good to know you are ok! Gambatte kudasai! We will all be praying for Japan!

  14. Lrong says:

    Pam… thank you very much for your prayers… we will keep safe on our traval back home…Theanne… your thoughts and prayers offer much solace for me and my wife… we try to take it easy and stay healthy as well so as to pull this through without having to fight a fever or somethng like that…p3chandan… thank you, will try our best to take care of ourselves… Bom… thank you very much for your prayers, Bom, we need it… Autumn Belle… many thanks for writing a post on the tsunami… appreciate the gesture a lot… the wait is long and tiring, and I hope we will pull through safely… Bananazஇ… thank you for your message… your mention about 'riding all the way from Alor Star to B'worth on your iron horse' really brought a smile to my crinkling face in these trying times… Open Kitchen Concept… domo arigato for your prayers… Gambarimasu!

  15. Malar says:

    Gald to hear that you and your family are safe! It's really bad disaster! Hope Japan people will recover fast from the nightmare!

  16. Lrong says:

    malar… thank you for your encouragement… the amazing thing about the Japanese in such disasters is that, there is no looting…

  17. milka says:

    I hope you and your family are doing fine in Japan. And i pray for Japan too.

  18. Lrong says:

    milka… thank you for your prayers and symphaties…

  19. One says:

    Great to hear from you this morning. That should you mean you are fine. Back in Japan?

  20. Glad to hear you are fine, though the stress and emotions you are going through must really be draining. Take care, and be safe.Rosie

  21. Lrong says:

    One… thank god that I am doing quite fine… and yes, we are finally back in Japan now…Dear Rosie, thank you for your message… am trying to get back on track, doing what I have been doing on 'normal' days…

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