Fava beans taste soooo good…

This is the third time I am growing fava beans

I had only two plants on the first try… and perhaps four on the second…
The second time around, the crows came for the beans before I did… grrrr…
And belated as it is, I am discovering, what a lovely vegetable this is…

We bought two different types of beans this third time around…
The ‘fast’ growing type, and the ‘normal’ growing type…
The former gives smaller fruits, the later, bigger and more wholesome fruits… 

Didn’t want the crows to get them before me this time…
So, we harvested ‘big’ time…
And ended up having a loadful of mainly the fast type…
Peeled the beans off the pods and woah, the scale tipped at about 1.5 kilograms, clean…

Now, what dishes to make out of them, we wondered…

And ah ha, why not cream fava bean soup?
With lots of coarse black pepper?
Served on a Peter Rabbit bowl?

And, urged my sweeto haaato to experiment with fava bean spaghetti…
Waaah… absolutely delicious…
We still have some more of the normal type in the potager…
Shall be enjoying them slowly…
Didn’t get to try eating their leaves as initailly planned… perhaps next time…

PS-1: The rainy season started two days ago, so I am rather stuck indoors… still, the rain couldn’t restrain me from occasionally going into the potager to talk to the plants…

PS-2: Submitted this post to Appalachian Feet’s “How to Find Great Plants”.

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33 Responses to Fava beans taste soooo good…

  1. One says:

    Yum, yum…I'm sure it tastes a whole lot better than the nasi lemak I just posted. 😦

  2. Lrong says:

    One… nasi lemak? Let me go and check it out…

  3. cathy@home says:

    I have to try those beans are they similar to broad beans they look it ?

  4. Lrong says:

    Cathy… I am not so sure but the beans are no doubt broad and thick… the size of the bean is about the size of a an adult's human thumb…

  5. cathy@home says:

    Lrong I see have to try them thankyou for the info

  6. I was reading One post and the nasi lemak on it. Then looking at your fava beans reminds me of petai in sambal ikan bilis.LOL.

  7. Bom says:

    Those look good Lrong. The crows must be so sad that they didn't get them sooner.

  8. lina says:

    Looking at them just made me drool over them. Though I don't think I ever eaten one yet! XD

  9. Your fava beans look absolutely yummy (well the finished recipe photos certainly do)! I never tried growing fava beans I wonder if I could grow them in a container? The only edible thing on my patio is chives…how sad is that?! Later this season I've simply got to grow something that will last into winter! I talk to my plants too…the neighbors already think I'm nuts so why not.

  10. Stephanie says:

    wow these beans look so good… good job! That cream soup must be really yummy. You have the best food in the world!!

  11. Malar says:

    Your fava beans and the dishes looks so yummy!

  12. Lrong says:

    Malay-Kadazan girl… come to think of it, the fava beans does remind me of the petai too… both of us like buah petai very much, the sambal type…Bom… hahaha, a bit too bad for the crows this time around…lina… think we can get dried fava beans in Malaysia, they are a little salted…Theanne and Baron… I would imagine fava beans can be grown in containers… shouldn't be a problem, I think… chives are lovely too, both for the eyes and the stomach… Stephanie… thank you! The cream soup was lovely enough for me to ask wifey to cook a second time in as many days… Malar… we still have a little bit more in the field, waiting to be harvested…

  13. lina says:

    You like petai? Hmmm… if my Dad have some stock (he buys them from Orang Asli and sell them), I wonder whether I can smuggle some for you when we go to Shikoku. ^^

  14. Lrong says:

    lina… woah, the smell of the petai may make the immigration officials suspicous… when are you planning to visit shikoku?

  15. lina says:

    @Lrong,If its packed in an airtight container, it won't smell. ;pDec trip for us but just 3 days for Shikoku after Kyushu. 🙂

  16. Lrong says:

    lina… only three days in shikoku? where are you planning to visit?

  17. lina says:

    I don't want to cover a lot of places but not really get the feel of the places so at the moment, it's just : Matsuyama, Megijima, Ritsurin Garden & Nichiyo-Ichi. Any thoughts?

  18. rainfield61 says:

    I am thinkig of buah petai when seeing your fava beans.

  19. Lrong says:

    lina… Matsuyama is in Ehime prefecture; Megijima & Ritsurin Garden is in Kagawa prefecture where I live; and Nichiyo-Ichi, the one in Kochi prefecture? If so, that is quite a lot of distance, I must say… Megijima is very rustic and charming… in fact, I am thinking of bringing students there instead of Ogijima due to better facilities… Ritsurin is very pretty, probably more pretty than the other three so-called prettiest gardens of Japan… rainfield61… yeap, quite true but minus the 'flagrance'…

  20. lina says:

    @Lrong,Sorry I'm using this post to tell you about my travel plans. ^^Yes, I know it is quite a distance and still deciding but then again, I like the challenge. We are looking to board some nice trains (pity Son is too old to care about Anpanman or we probably would plan our trip around taking the Anpanman trains. XD)

  21. Lrong says:

    No need for apologies, my friend… I used to enjoy riding trains too, especially the slow, local trains… but these days, it is gardening and gardening… just checked out the ampanman train… honestly, I didn't know that these trains run here in Shikoku…

  22. Diane AZ says:

    How fun and creative…Fava spaghetti and cream fava bean soup in a Peter Rabbit bowl! I never had fava beans before, but I think it's time to try some.

  23. Lrong says:

    Diane… I am sure you will like it…

  24. Matron says:

    Yes! they are a true gourmet treat! Even though I only grow a few, I just enjoy steaming some young broad beans and eating them with butter! yum!

  25. Lrong says:

    Matron… gourmet beans they are indeed… we have never tried eating the beans with butter before… might do so one day…

  26. Hi, sorry I have been away again…I'm the now-you-see-her-now- you-don't girl.Your fava bean soup looks goood!Can the beans be fried like kacang goreng, you think?Rosie

  27. Lrong says:

    Rosie… think the stores in Malaysia sell the fried type, imported from China… they taste quite good…

  28. Maia says:

    The food looks tasty. I've never even saw these beans.

  29. Lrong says:

    Maia… try them, they are really lovely to eat…

  30. milka says:

    Fava beans? Don't know what is that but they look yummy in your dishes :)~

  31. Lrong says:

    Milka… think they are sold in Malaysia as dried nuts… they are quite tasty…

  32. Jeannie says:

    Hi! I was googling fava beans and your blog came up:D These beans are so amazing, I have not tried the fresh beans before, must taste really good huh! I know I love the crispy fried version!

  33. Lrong says:

    Jeannie… huh, thanks to google then, for showing my page to you… fresh fava beans are really very tasty no matter how you cook them… the crispy fried ones are ok but a little too salty and oily for me, perhaps..

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