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Harvesting on a hot August weekend in 2011

Our tomatoes are doing pretty well this year… And for reasons quite unclear to me, the crows did not come for them this time… When I am working in the potager, I love to pop these goodies into my mouth, … Continue reading

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The sweet smell of autumn…

Ah, the days appear to be cooling off… The autumn smell is, but in the air… From the potager, ladies fingers… Long, slender, beautiful… Alongside… dried, over-ripe corn kernels that escaped the harvester’s eye… Thin, somewhat ‘undernourished’ kangkong greens… Yet, delicious … Continue reading


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The harvest continues…

Was thrilled to have a week off from the university… In this ‘o-bon’ (all souls?) season, the Japanese folks take time off from work to pay respects to their deceased ancestors… For me, this presents an excellent opportunity for me … Continue reading

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Gardening in the heat of summer

Hmmm, must say to you folks that I am more of a (student) ‘gardener’ rather than a ‘blogger’… I take my hat off to some of you folks who can update your blogs so often… Anyway, been enjoying dirtying my … Continue reading

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