Bountiful peanut harvest…

Had been fooling around growing peanuts in the potager for about three years…

The last two years had seen harvests that were, hmmm, pitiful… to say the least…

Today, the leaves showed some signs of yellowing… 
So, decided to do some harvesting… 
Was thrilled to see the scales tipping at 3.3 kilograms…
Immediately called my third sis in Malaysia…

Advised me to put the peanuts out to dry…

The roots too, she suggested to dry…
And make peanut root chicken soup later on…
While harvesting the peanuts, discovered a radish root ‘hiding’ within…
Topping off the rainy and cloudy weekend, a neighbor brought over some ‘yuzu’ citrus for us… nice…

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21 Responses to Bountiful peanut harvest…

  1. Amazing! Congratulations on your peanuts 🙂

  2. rainfield61 says:

    The peanut is my favourite. I always have a few packets in standby mode.And the peanut root soup failed to have me tall and big in size. Have you heard about this magical power og peanut root soup?

  3. lovely produce Lrong…happy you're having a successful peanut harvest. I'll be interested in hearing more about how you use the peanut roots!

  4. One says:

    Wow! 3.3kg! I have yet to grow peanuts. Have been harvesting many big chillies. Used to have cili padi only.

  5. cathy@home says:

    I need a bigger garden

  6. Julie says:

    I have heard that there will be a peanut shortage this year but not at your house it seems! What was your secret this year? I haven't heard of cooking with peanut root before. Maybe you will post about that one day.

  7. Mr. H. says:

    Peanuts, how exciting. Glad to hear you had a bountiful harvest of them. We are hoping to try growing these…maybe next year.

  8. Lrong says:

    Tanya… thank you…rain… mine too… often chew on several peanuts while sipping some wine or beer before dinner… have not heard of the magical power yet… shall look it up and see…Theanne… it will be our first time to try cooking with the roots… if they taste good, shall blog about it…One… good to hear about your big chillies… my chillies did not do that well this time…Cathy… good luck and happy gardening…Julie… you are right… after three tries, manage to catch the 'secret' of growing peanuts… shall blog about the soup later on…Mr. H… with your expertise in veggie gardening, am sure you will succeed…

  9. Stephanie says:

    Congrats on the good harvest! I hope you will have lots more success in the future. I love steamed peanuts or cooked in sauce 😉

  10. I have been contemplating the idea of growing peanut this summer but I can't find a reliable source for nuts to grow. Looking at your nice harvest, I feel much more motivated.

  11. Lrong says:

    Stephanie… I love steamed peanuts too.. and boiled peanuts as well…Diana… good to hear that you may try growing peanuts… go for it….

  12. Autumn Belle says:

    I wanna grow peanuts. How do you do it? I mean where can I find the nuts/seeds in Malaysia? I love the toasted peanuts and ikan bilis dish and the peanuts rice porridge my grandma used to make. Those days, steamed peanuts was a snack we took while watching the movies in the cinema, just like the kuaci and sunflower seeds.

  13. Lrong says:

    Autumn Belle… think you can buy fresh peanuts from the veggie corner at the hypermarket… or from the pasar malam… try and grow a few nuts and see if they germinate… we are enjoying our peanuts now… they are full-bodied, and they taste heavenly, really…

  14. lina says:

    You have an amazing selection of produce, Lrong. :)Seeing those peanuts reminds me of my childhood and my late grandma. She planted them amongst the corns in the small patch of land she had and we used to harvest it.I used to sell boiled peanuts in front of our town funfairs during school holiday. And sold corns slathered with heaps of margarine to my schoolmates at school. 🙂

  15. Beautiful peanuts! Wow. I love to eat steamed peanuts! In my younger days, they used to steam them in their shells with a bit of salt and sell them along the streets! Yummy!!

  16. Lrong says:

    lina… looks like you had a very interesting childhood selling peanuts and corn… I never had such experience before…Open Kitchen Concept…agree with you fully… steamed peanuts are such a treat…

  17. Would you need lots of space for the roots to spread? Here, we just get our peanuts from the packets. Congrats on growing your own.Rosie

  18. Malar says:

    That's a lot of peanuts! How do you cook the roots?

  19. Lrong says:

    Rosie… I manage to grow 9 plants… space-wise, perhaps one meter by 3.5 meters? Malar…have not cooked the roots as yet… shall be doing so later on…

  20. Cool! You grow just about everything! Got my plot going today…put a picture up on the garden blog…

  21. Lrong says:

    Connie… wooh, gotta have a look at it then…..

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