Seemania… the Liebster award…

Returned home today after spending two weeks in Malaysia…
The temperature there was about 30 degrees, and here, about 2 degrees… wheeaaa… 

Prior to leaving, my missus had brought back a pot of orange-colored eye catching flowers…
‘Seemania’, she blurted out to an ignorant me…
From the net, found out that ‘this is a small genus of herbaceous plants native to South America. The family, Gesneriaceae, is a large plant family of herbaceous perennials and shrubs. It is native to the tropics mostly, in Africa, Asia, North America and South America’.
Also found out its other name, ‘Bolivian sunset’, and that it is a ‘low-growing herbaceous perennial that spreads rapidly by rhizomes’ and that it has ‘showy orange flowers in winter’. The plant apparently grows well in shady, moist sites.
Hmm, good… shall try to plant them at the slopes and hope that they may spread all over… fat hopes? 🙂
Ok, this is just a one-photo post and I must express my thanks to Tanya of Lovely Greens…
About two weeks ago, she had graciously recommended my blog for the ‘Liebster Award’.
Am very honored with this gesture from Tanya…
But then, I was just about to leave Japan for Penang for about two weeks, hence this belated response to the award…
It was the first time that I saw this word ‘Liebster’, so I did a check on it…
Apparently, it is a German word meaning ‘favorite’ or ‘dearest’.
And to paraphrase Tanya… ‘A Liebster Award is given out by bloggers to other blogs that they enjoy reading’.

The rules are… ‘once you receive it you must pass it on to five other blogs that you enjoy and also give a mention to the person who awarded you in the first place’.
Tanya, ‘rediscovering’ her roots as a country girl, blogs on a wide range of topics from the Isle of Man… I particularly enjoy reading about her hand in making soap, wine, and the cute looking crafts, etc… drop by her blog and check it out…
The five blogs I am passing on to are (not in any particular order): 
Matron: An intimate account of a passionate veggie grower… 
Andrea in this lifetime: Nature photography, plants and ornamental species and other interesting animal encounters from travels… Andrea actually had done a post on the seemania way back in 2009… 
Life in Kawagoe: offers an interesting window into a Japanese family life from the eyes of the father of the house… 
Desert Colors: I am often surprised by the beauty of the photos shown in this blog… 
Kebun Malay-Kadazan girls: a good blog to look up on the adventures in chemical free veggie gardening…
Merry Christmas to y’all…

About Lrong

Gardening, I adore... Photography, I cherish... Scuba diving, I fancy... Shakuhachi, I relish... and barefoot walking, I revel in...
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19 Responses to Seemania… the Liebster award…

  1. cocomino says:

    Thank you for listing my blog.I'm also interested in growing vegetables. Other bloggers you listed sound nice. 🙂

  2. Diane AZ says:

    Hi Lrong, Thank you for the Liebster Award nomination. I am deeply honored. I hope your beautiful Seemania flower does well. Happy Christmas!

  3. congrats!! Merry Christmas to you and the wife!!!Have a wonderful New years celebration-what ever it is you may do!

  4. The photo of the Seemania flower is beautiful…such a brilliant orange!Congratulations on your Liebster Award!

  5. Aww…you are so sweet. Thank you very much. Did you ate lots of durian back in tanahair? I heard that it is durian season.

  6. Lrong says:

    cocomino… my pleasure… looking forward to your post on vegetables…Diane AZ… you are welcome… I enjoy visiting your blog and think your images are neat…Connie in Japan… thanks… am enjoying myself in this cold weather for the time being…Theanne and Baron… yeap, the orange is really radiant, should I say… thanks for your comment…Malay-Kadazan girl… ate about five durians over five days, I think… a small one each day, so to say… used to be more 'greedy' but not anymore…

  7. lina says:

    The flower are lovely. Such vibrant shade of orange. 🙂

  8. rainfield61 says:

    30 degrees…But I have 15 degrees at Fraser's Hill.Happy New Year to you.

  9. Matron says:

    I am honoured! thank you.

  10. Stephanie says:

    This is a wonderful plant! The blooms are so intriguing. If I would to see this plant, I will definitely get one as well. Great find 😀

  11. Malar says:

    The Seemania flower is really pretty! I never seen them before.Happy New Year!

  12. Thanks Lrong and hope you had a very merry Christmas too 🙂

  13. Lrong says:

    lina… it is a very pretty shade or orange, really…rainfield61… 15 degrees at Fraser's Hill… lovely temperature… Matron… you are welcomed…Stephanie … will definitely try to propogate this plant and see…Malar… first time for me to see it too…Tanya… likewise, same to you…

  14. Liz says:

    That's a beautiful flower! I haven't heard of it before but will now have a look for it.

  15. Lrong says:

    Liz… it is a pretty flower… good luck in your search….

  16. Autumn Belle says:

    Lrong, you came back to Malaysia? Selamat pulang ke tanah air. Wishing you and wife Happy New Year 2012!

  17. Lrong says:

    Autumn Belle… yeap, we went back and have already returned to Japan… wishing you and your family a very happy 2012…

  18. rainfield61 says:

    Yes, they look similar.

  19. Lrong says:

    rain… thank you…

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