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Coral berry or ‘Manryo’

In the gloom of winter, lies this plant called coral berry… The Japanese have a more colorful name…Manryo (万両), as in ‘10,000 Dollars’?  The bright red berries certainly light up the dull of winter…Other than that, they are a source … Continue reading


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Japanese plum aka ‘ume’…

It snowed yesterday…  Was chopping firewood when the snow came in…  Took time off from wood-chopping to smell the flowers… And in the midst of winter, it is but the Japanese plum or ume…  This was taken in the early … Continue reading

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Pumpkins, the butter scotch type…

I love pumpkins… both the eating and the growing… For the last few years, I almost always have my lunch in the university cafeteria…  And boiled pumpkin is always part of my selection for lunch… The predominant nutrients in pumpkins … Continue reading

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