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Strawberries, corn, sakura cherries…

Am getting the hang of growing strawberries…  Still, grew a bit too many of them this past season… I am keeping just six baby-plants for next season… No more over-crowding them… Anyway, we just enjoyed our last few strawberries for … Continue reading

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Amaranths, peanuts, malabar spinach, shiso…

Thanks to the frequent rains, things are growing very well at the potager…And thanks to Diana of Kebun Malay-Kadazan girls for sending the amaranth seeds…Grew eight patches of these amaranth and had been eating them for a while now… they … Continue reading

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Flowers in the rainy season…

We are in the midst of the rainy season…Incidentally, Typhoon Number 4 is currently scraping over the Japanese archipelago as I blog, bringing with it much rain and strong winds…Luckily, our place is not along its path… And yes, rainy … Continue reading

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Aliums, roots… and the Versatile Blogger award

We prefer red onions to the white ones… This year’s harvest brought us (only) about 2 kilograms of onions…  Yet another ‘indicator’ that there is still a lot for this ‘farmer’ to learn…   A mini-teeny 2 kilograms really does … Continue reading

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Snap peas, greens, potatoes, berries…

Beautiful weather these days in Shikoku, Japan… It is supposed to be the rainy season, and I am hoping for rain, actually… We ate the last of the snap peas this season…My missus prefers to harvest them when they are … Continue reading

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