Enjoying fava beans in spring 2012…

Planted eight seeds last November..
Six germinated… one died prematurely… leaving five plants…
Early spring of 2012…  they were flowering beautifully…
The pods began to fatten in May… 
And we have been chewing on these lovely beans ever since…

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24 Responses to Enjoying fava beans in spring 2012…

  1. How wonderful, that you can plant in fall for an early crop of favas! I just discovered the leaves are edible, have you tried them also?

  2. Norma Chang says:

    The fava beans flowers are so pretty and beans are so plump, bet they are delicious. Nothing like homegrown beans.

  3. Robbie Palm says:

    I have wanted to try fava beans before.Do you have to plant them in the fall? Which ones would you recommend? We are zone 5 USA. One last question:-) do they taste good? robbie

  4. Lrong says:

    Yes, they are edible as are those from snap peas, etc… tried chewing on the fava bean leaves while gardening but had not harvested them for the plate as yet…

  5. Lrong says:

    Robbie, am not really sure if we have to plant them in the fall… for me, I am following the practice here in Japan where fall planting is recommended… we can see fields and fields of fava beans in this season… they are really delicious… in soups, with pasta, plain boiled with salads… we are in zone 9, so it is warmer than your place… I am not sure if they can withstand the snow fall in your area, so perhaps you can experiment with spring planting… I suppose it would be feasible to do so… we have a few types of seeds on sale here in Japan, but I am quite indifferent to them… sorry for my ignorance in this part… anyway, good luck…

  6. Lrong says:

    Norma, that's another reason why I cherish growing veggies so much… they are so pretty to look at, and they provide us with food that are so delicious…

  7. Stephanie says:

    Pretty flowers and beans! You take them fresh? Taste like edamame?

  8. Mr. H. says:

    In northern Idaho (USA) we plant ours in the early spring and harvest in mid-July…enjoy those wonderful beans. I'll have to try eating the leaves this year.:)

  9. Theanne says:

    lovely beans to chew on…excellent photos!

  10. Liz says:

    Oh yum – my fairly recently sown plants are currently about 10cm high so I've still got awhile to wait for mine. I'll have to content myself with your photos til then.

  11. Bom says:

    Do you steam the beans? How do you prepare them? They look so good fresh.

  12. Lrong says:

    My missus boil them for about one minute… and we mix them up in a salad… does not taste like edamame… it is more 'powdery', I think…

  13. Lrong says:

    Spring planting, I see… I have tasted the leaves of snap peas… goes well with a bowl of salad greens…

  14. Lrong says:

    We normally boil them and have them as they are… they taste really good…

  15. Lrong says:

    Good luck, Liz, with the beans… hope you get a good harvest…

  16. rainfield61 says:

    I always buy these in package of fried beans.So delicious.

  17. Matron says:

    Now that is something I recognize! I have some at the moment, one of the real, fresh treats this time of year. I just boil them for a few minutes and eat them with butter.

  18. Malar says:

    I have eaten this beans back in Japan long time ago! Yummy!

  19. Very pretty edible plants. Oishii.

  20. Mac says:

    Beautiful fava flowers and beans, I'll have to try fall plant fava and see if they can withstand the cold here.

  21. Hi Lrong,I just love Fava beans or Broad Beans as we call them over here in Britain. I’m growing quite a few plants but they are only just starting to make pods so will be a while yet before we harvest. Never eaten the leaves though so must give that a try. How do you cook them?

  22. Lrong says:

    Thank you Theanne… hope you are doing fine over at Florida…

  23. Lrong says:

    I have tried chewing them raw… and well, they do taste 'beany'… I have eaten bean leaves in salads while in Australia…

  24. Lrong says:

    Good luck with your experiment…

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