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Red shiso…

My missus bought a red shiso plant some years ago… And for all the following years, they have been self-seeding in our potager… They are part of the mint family, so they have ‘relatives’ like the basil, sage, lemon balm… … Continue reading


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Akebi aka Chocolate vine…

This plant is a novelty… native of Japan… The Japanese folks call them ‘Akebi’ while the English speaking world labels it ‘chocolate vine’ because their flowers seem to smell like chocolate…  We are very lucky to have these vines growing … Continue reading

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Pumpkin ‘art’ and the two loofahs…

Pumpkins are believed to originate from North America…The Japanese call them ‘kabocha’, which rhymes with Kampuchea…Apparently, to the Japanese, the pumpkin came into Japan from Cambodia, hence the name… Our pumpkin harvest is not too bad this year… All in … Continue reading

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Chestnut, pumpkin, beets, and rocoto…

Tried planting chestnut for the first time last year… The strain we chose is called ‘Porotan’… Don’t ask me why it is called such a name, but they are supposed to be easy to peel… We could manage only one … Continue reading

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