Manuka flowers…

Posted once before on this plant (see here)…
We have two such plants and they come under of the care of my suweeto haato…
Native to New Zealand and southeast Australia… 
Scientific name is ‘Leptospermum scoparium’ and the common name ranges from manuka, manuka myrtle, New Zealand tea-tree, to broom tea-tree…
The Japanese name is ‘Gyo-ru bai’ and although pronounced similarly, the characters takes four different forms  (1)ギョリュウバイ(2)檉柳梅 (3)魚柳梅 (4)御柳梅… 
A bit confusing isn’t it?
The famous manuka honey gets its name from this plant/flower…
Now, if only I can get into bee-keeping…
The leaves can also be used as tea although our plants are still a bit too small for leaf-harvesting…

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22 Responses to Manuka flowers…

  1. Diane AZ says:

    Very attractive flower! The color and texture remind me of crepe myrtle which is grown as an ornamental here.

  2. rainfield61 says:

    The colour is as sexy as the one found on roses.

  3. Theanne says:

    what a splendid flowering plant…intense colorbeekeeping sounds like something you could fit in to your potager…bees are such interesting creatures

  4. Robbie Palm says:

    Facinating + beautiful! I have never heard of this plant or tea. Your photos always capture the beauty of plants( my husband thought there were pretty amazing!)..Your posts always make me want to squeeze another plant into my garden! How big does it get? See , I am already wanting to grow this beauty! robbie:-)

  5. I love Leptospermum flowers they are beautiful aren't they and I think you've really done them justice with these shots.

  6. Lrong Lim says:

    Crepe myrtle? I have to look this up…

  7. Stiletto says:

    I use Manuka honey, so I'm thrilled to see photos of its flowers. They are real beauties. For someone as adventurous as you, bee-keeping seems like a natural progression.

  8. Lrong Lim says:

    I like your sexy description… 🙂

  9. Lrong Lim says:

    Theanne… yes, bees being interesting creatures and also an indispensable member of the garden with their pollination abilities…

  10. Lrong Lim says:

    Robbie… thank you so much for your (and your husband's) comments… our manuka plants (shrubs?) are about three feet tall (one meter)… I believe they can grow up to three times that height… so it is not really a big tree in that sense… I imagine it would fit nicely into your garden as it does not take up much space…

  11. Lrong Lim says:

    Thank you Liz… you are too kind…

  12. Lrong Lim says:

    Am happy to hear of your thrill in seeing these fotos… as for my getting into bee-keeping, that will be the day… 🙂

  13. Malar says:

    That's how manuka flowers look like!

  14. Stephanie says:

    The colour is so pretty 🙂 Love this plant and yours, the pink is deeper (nicer) than those I come across. I am sure the bees that visit your garden will notice the flower.

  15. Lrong Lim says:

    Yeap, that's how they look like…

  16. Lrong Lim says:

    Their flowering time span is very long… which means to say that we get to enjoy looking at them, slowly…

  17. I thought the name seemed familiar — I'll think now of your beautiful blossoms when I see the honey!

  18. Lrong Lim says:

    Am happy to hear of your thoughts…

  19. Jeannie Tay says:

    Beautiful! I love manuka honey please let me know if you plan to produce them:D I'll order some from you.

  20. Very pretty. What an interesting name.

  21. Lrong Lim says:

    That will be the day… 🙂

  22. Lrong Lim says:

    Thank you for your comment, Diana…

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