Mimosa acacia in full bloom…

The mimosa acacia is native to Australia, especially New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania…
Years ago, when we moved here, I found some seedlings growing in our property…
I picked them up, transplanted them, and wooh, what a surprise…
They bloom in spring over here, and we really like the fluffy, puffy, and fragrant flowers…

I find them to be difficult photo subjects, especially the close-ups, but these few picks are quite decent shots… no?

(P.S. Notice the wild sakuras blooming in the hills at the background.)

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25 Responses to Mimosa acacia in full bloom…

  1. Theanne says:

    so beautiful…the pics are excellent!

  2. rainfield61 says:

    These are some beautiful closeup.I love them.

  3. suka suka says:

    Hi.. astonished juga saya… mimosa warna kuning.. lovely flowers… does the leaves also move when touched like we have here in Malaysia..

  4. Ash says:

    Wow! You are in heaven Lrong, to be surrounded by such beauty!! I love to steal touches on its leaves and see them 'shying' away :)This is the first time I'm seeing yellow flowers and it is lovely.

  5. Fab shots of a plant I'm very familiar with and that I too find really hard to photograph. Lovely work.

  6. Robbie Palm says:

    I think your close up shots are amazing! robbie p.s. your countryside is so beautiful…breathtaking:-)

  7. Lrong Lim says:

    Thank you Theanne…

  8. Lrong Lim says:

    You are too kind!

  9. Lrong Lim says:

    suka suka… welcome to my blog… this is a different type of mimosa… it is a tree (see the fourth picture)… bukan macam yang kita ada di Msia… daun ni tak react even if you touch them… lagi, mimosa ini tak ada thorns…

  10. Lrong Lim says:

    Ash… actually, my missus and I are perennially thanking god for the privilege to be in this neighborhood… it is really lovely… paradise, I'd like to imagine… The leaves on this mimosa does not curl back upon being touched… it is a different type of mimosa, unlike the ground-crawling type we have in Msia…

  11. Lrong Lim says:

    Thank you Liz… am relieved to hear that I am not the only one having difficulty shooting this subject…

  12. Lrong Lim says:

    Thank you Robbie for your kind words… yes, we really love our neighborhood very much… it is serene, peaceful, and so pretty throughout the year…

  13. Ash says:

    Very fascinating! Same plant but different species..the wonders of mother nature :)Although I have not been to your neighborhood, I can imagine the wonders of living in it just by looking at your pictures!!

  14. Malar says:

    Mimosa reminds me of the plant with torn. Are they the same? Here it's purple in colour!

  15. Stephanie says:

    Love these bright pom-pom like blooms! This is a real blessings! I am sure it is now making your property really pretty. Btw, I am surprised you can recognise the seedlings.

  16. Lrong Lim says:

    No, they are not the same specie… the one I have is also thornless…

  17. Lrong Lim says:

    Pom-pom like blooms… now, that is a very nice way to put it… how come I didn't think of that… 🙂

  18. I would say more than decent photos — I'm especially enamored of the first one 🙂

  19. Jeannie Tay says:

    those photos are gorgeous! I like the last one with the wild sakuras too!

  20. Oh what a nice surprise. Thought at first it was a bushy plants.

  21. Lrong Lim says:

    Me too… think the first shot is pretty ok…

  22. Lrong Lim says:

    Thank you Jeannie… the wild sakuras are really lovely to at from our house…

  23. Lrong Lim says:

    Thank you Diana… you probably would have seen much of these plants while in Oz…

  24. Matron says:

    That is one of my favourite flowers. Grown in sheltered spots here in London, but does better in a warmer climate. Wonderful photos!

  25. connienaka says:

    Lovely photos as usual!! After trying and giving up …I've decided to try again. My last attempt at gardening was frustrating. You were right- not enough direct sunlight. However this time I've decided to try something different….a Cottage Garden. So far so good…What I wish I had was a handbook to flowers and plants in Japan in ENGLISH! As you know…I'm a total beginner and it would be nice to have some sort of reference to look through while doing my planning. Your blog, of course, is still my best reference. 🙂

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