Sakura cherries aka ‘Sakuranbo’…

Sakura cherries aka 'Sakuranbo'...

In Japanese parlance, ‘sakuranbo’… am having this as the fruit course for breakfast this morning… taste is a somewhat sourish-sweet… we have two sakuranbo trees in our garden… fruit size is about 1 centimeter across… smallish compared to the imported cherries from the US… still, a joy to sink my teeth into them…


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14 Responses to Sakura cherries aka ‘Sakuranbo’…

  1. The colour red also looks a little different also yeah… sweet red… yum! 1cm in diameter? So tiny? Now I now. Thanks for informing about this new blog. Glad I am here 🙂

  2. Matron says:

    They are amazing!

  3. Dew says:

    Made me “saliva” when I stepped into the soil of Taiwan last Summer! There a lot too! O.. u r extracting your roots from (direct translation from chinese proverb)

  4. Stiletto says:

    Interesting. The colour is brighter and actually more photogenic than the imported Australian cherries that we are used to. But they do look delicious.

  5. So nice to have you on WordPress Lrong…I’ve been here (which is my WordPress blog since the beginning of April 2013). How fortunate you are to have cherries out of your own garden…I’m not sure I would trust cherries or any fruit from the US where the scientist are working overtime to contaminate everything with GMOs.

  6. malar says:

    The fruit look so tempting and juicy!

  7. Sonia says:

    At first , from the title, I thought these cherries were pickled with Sakura flavours . Thanks for sharing , never know this type of cherries.

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