Akebia quinata (aka Chocolate Vine)

I find myself increasingly attracted to this climber.
According to a Japanese guidebook we have, there are apparently two types of akebia: the three-leaf type and the five-leaf type.

We have the three-leaf type in our property, growing in the wild…

The three pictures above show the flowers of the three-leaf type…
The beautiful chocolate color, hence the English name…
Often, a single female flower is found clustered amongst numerous male flowers…



In our walks in the nearby hills, we come across patches of the five-leaf type…
Their flowers differ somewhat from those of the three-leaf type…
Their color shades are lighter and the female flowers do not cluster as closely to the male flowers as they do with the three-leaf type…

Still, it perplexed us to discover that among the climbers in the hills, we could find some with four leaves, and even six leaves…


In this four-leaf specimen, the color of the flowers resemble that of the three-leaf type…
But the ‘structure’ of the male flowers appear to lean more towards the five-leaf type…
Fascinating, isn’t it?


The fruit comes about in autumn…
Above is a picture reproduced from my previous post on Akebia here…)

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12 Responses to Akebia quinata (aka Chocolate Vine)

  1. Diane AZ says:

    I enjoyed learning about this beautiful and interesting plant, Lrong!
    Lovely photos. 🙂

  2. Mrs. N says:

    I wonder if we have them here? I’m going to look for them! 👀

  3. Andrea says:

    Oh hi Lrong, these are lovely plants, and made more so with your excellent photography and composition. Happy week ahead, regards to Yoshimi.

  4. Liz says:

    What beautiful plants. Fabulous variety of colours.

  5. Robbie says:

    “Breathtaking”, is the only word that comes to my mind about this post! So good to find you and can keep updated on your potager. Many years ago people use to sketch their plants and share with one another in a diary or letter—that is all they had…today we have digital cameras that get us up close, in color and so detailed…truly a gift to share….Your “micro-photos” always capture the essence of a plants uniqueness and beauty……:-) robbie

    • LrongLim says:

      Robbie, you are too kind! I am very happy that we are in touch again here… as for sketching, I would not be able to do it even if my life depends on it… am totally hopeless there… but thank god for those folks who created the camera… 🙂

  6. Autumn Belle says:

    Love the format and appearance of your newly minted wordpress blog! Great info and pics.

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