Santolina in full bloom…

Santolina in full bloom...

Santolina, without fail, flowers each spring…
Aster family… native to the Mediteranean area…
Flowers are about one centimeter in diameter…
The butterflies apparently love them just as much as we do…


About Lrong

Gardening, I adore... Photography, I cherish... Scuba diving, I fancy... Shakuhachi, I relish... and barefoot walking, I revel in...
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9 Responses to Santolina in full bloom…

  1. Robbie says:

    I really like this photo!robbie:-)

  2. Hello, how are you? Beautiful photograph 🙂

  3. As always, your flower choices are an education for me! Another new one I’ve never seen before!

  4. Happysurfer says:

    What a colour! It would brighten any garden, I’m sure. Nice capture of the butterfly.

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