Moroheya comes alive…

Have been super busy lately, with a million thousand things…
ImageAnyway, this is one of my favorite vegetables…
As with other veggies, the drought this past summer almost killed my moroheya plants…
Luckily, the typhoons came and saved the day…


Now, the plants are about a meter and half tall…
And the red color of the stems… ooh, nice…

I like it as a soup… thick, nutrituous…
The way my missus cooks it… just a simple dish with a little olive oil and garlic…

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19 Responses to Moroheya comes alive…

  1. Robbie says:

    Hi Lrong, Missed your posts and pictures….what is this vegetable? The red stems are beautiful!!! I have never heard of it and I just looked it up. A super food? I always am looking for new foods to grow that are good for you:-)

    • Lrong says:

      If you have the chance to lay your hands on the seeds, I recommend you to try growing this veggie… it is apparently very nutritious and was supposedly called the ‘Pharaoh’s Vegetable’… I am having its soup right at this moment…

      • Robbie says:

        I did look up this vegetable yesterday after I read your post. Is it the same plant called
        Molokhia-Corchorus olitorius? I found some seed at Kitazawa under that name. I wanted to wait to order some seed until I asked you about the different names. I am very interested in growing this next year and learning how to cook with it since it sounds like such a healthy food, and it looks like a pretty plant:-) Sorry to ask so many questions, but I am always intereted in other food sources that I can grow. Do you have any suggestions on how to grow it, for example, sowing time( spring), place to put it, and does it reseed?

      • Lrong says:

        Hi Robbie… yes, it the same plant, I believe… as with other plants, there are many local names to it… I normally sow the seeds in late April each year… honestly, I do not really take ‘good’ care of the plant except the watering especially when it is growing… other than that, it just grows on its own… and we get to harvest its leaves throughout the summer into autumn… I do not have any experience yet, at this point of time, of it reseeding by itself… I shall be delighted to send you some seeds in a while…

    • eyad says:

      i can send you some seeds in you want ,

  2. eyad says:

    no unfortunately i don’t have a blog , but i try to swap seeds , i live in Egypt and Mulukhia as it’s called here is very popular and the seeds are very easy to obtain I’m trying to swap them for some herb seeds and any one who needs some seeds i’ll be happy to send them in exchange for some herb seeds

  3. eyad says:

    and BTW Mulukhia literally means ” royal” and the story says that only the royality were allowed to eat it

    • Lrong says:

      Hi eyad… good to hear that you are living in Egypt… thank you for explaining the meaning of Mulukhia… I once knew an Egyptian international student here in Japan, and he explained to me how he cooked the dried Mulukhia that he brought from Egypt…

  4. jeannietay says:

    Nice to know your plant survived and looking healthy too! I don’t think Malaysia has this huh.

  5. Bom says:

    Good thing your plant survived. I will have to look it up. I think we have a similar plant here but of a different name. Enjoy your soup!

  6. KL says:

    Any chance where I can find seeds in the US. I looked for it and came up with this site: Apparently there are not much info on line about this plant except from this website.

  7. KL says:

    Oh! I would love to have some seeds. You have some info where I can get them? Thanks a lot.

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