Two blogger awards on top of autumn/winter greens…

(‘Bitamin-na’, literally, ‘Vitamin greens’…)

In the last few days (or was it weeks?), two gracious gardener-bloggers made me a very happy person…

(‘Shangtung-sai’… )

First, Sho’Nuff put me up for the  ‘Versatile Blogger Award’…

Shortly afterward, Palm Rae Potager nominated me for the ‘ Very Inspiring Blog’ award…
Mucho, mucho gracias to these two ladies…

(‘Chingen-sai’, with ‘Ta-sai’ in the background…)

Sho’Nuff is an academician and a gardener… (me too)… I enjoy her humor, and her witty posts that are often accompanied by neat, catchy pictures…

Meanwhile, I share an affinity with Palm Rae Potager, least of all by virtue of that ‘P’ term… the posts in this blog are a joy to read and the photos, tastily done… my cup of tea, in other words…

(Chinese cabbage…)

But, oh gosh, I must admit that I am not very good in carrying out the ‘obligations’ that come with them…  *** apologizing profusely ***
So, please forgive me as I shall be skipping the 15 nominations…  *** gomen nasai… torso bent 90 degrees at the waist ***

(‘Daikon’… radish)

However, I am pleased to share a few things about me…
1. These days, I found that I could not resist touching, and playing of course, the ‘shakuhachi‘ (Japanese bamboo flute)… which means to say that my blogging activity has competition, time-wise…
2. As such, I am blogging less frequently… perhaps once a month… 

(‘Kikuna’ or ‘Shun-giku’… Edible chysanthemum…)

3. I am, once again, after several limp attempts over many years, learning how to read musical notes… you know, that rather elusive ‘doremi’ thingy… and am quite happy to see a little progress… I even signed up for an online course on music… and signing up for an online course is a first in my life…
. We have not had a television in the house since 2005… and I love listening to the radio while working in the garden… particularly programs with Japanese old songs…

(Dill is growing very well this season…)

5. My garden, in reality, is in a perennial mess… I cringe and claw at the wall when some of my readers or friends say they want to come and visit… why, I have to clean up the ‘ugly’ areas… but still, a mess is a mess, no matter what…
6. I weigh myself twice a day… once in the morning after waking up, and again just before I hit the futon… have been doing this for many, many years now…

(‘Mamba’… kind of mustard?)

7. Finally, am I happy to reach Point 7… heeeheee… the weighing machine manufacturer seems to be very good at ‘praising’ its customers… the machine shows a bunch of statistics besides the body weight… and it says that my body fat averages around 9%, while telling me that my age is 39… ooh… like the messy potager, this is a ‘mirage’…

(Fava beans growing alongside lettuce…)

Ok, reading through the two wonderful above-mentioned blogs, I notice that the common denominator is Belmont Rooster
Thank you for nominating the two fine blogs that in turn, nominated my little blog…

(Potatoes, thriving… whoopeee…)

To close, please allow me to ‘peel’ a slice off Palm Rae Potager’s blog on Potager Y @ Japan…

Quote… Potagery – one of my favorite blogs for photography and interesting plants growing! I always learn something new when I visit Potagery. There is always a new  plant that I have to just grow and of course the photography is some of the best I have ever seen of plants… he gets down and close with plants and introduces us to details we might just miss walking by a plant in our garden. His photos and plant selection are an inspiration. I also enjoy reading about his misses and her recipes and flower arrangements she puts together… pure beauty this blog… what an inspiration to me!

On impulse, I jumped up the sakura tree, wearing a wide glee on my wrinkling face… 

About Lrong

Gardening, I adore... Photography, I cherish... Scuba diving, I fancy... Shakuhachi, I relish... and barefoot walking, I revel in...
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13 Responses to Two blogger awards on top of autumn/winter greens…

  1. Diana Studer says:

    Interesting to see the Chinese greens I buy at the supermarket, growing in your garden.
    And ten years of blogging? Wow. Congratulations on your 10th Blogaversary!!

    • Lrong says:

      Thank you Diana for your delightful comments… winter season is a very good season for me to grow these greens as there are fewer insect-pests… and they taste better in winter… yes, 10 years of blogging… I did not even realize it went by so fast…

  2. Robbie says:

    I burst out laughing when I got to the end of the “quote” I wrote about you! LOL you are too funny! Well, every word of it was true, and I just LOVE your photos up above:-) I have to make a comment about your “few things about me”…I chuckled again when you addressed “ugly areas” , well, truth be told you are not alone. Yes, we can get some great shots, but we make sure the compost pile/unfinished garden projects/dog mess I forgot to pick up/ WEEDS were not in the picture….do I need to go on-lol…we all have “ugly areas”…today digital photography sure can make something look great in a photo-lol-even people!

    • Lrong says:

      Me, funny? Hahaha… thank you! Feels so good to know that you are also inflicted with some ‘ugly areas’ in the garden… still, your pictures always look so beautiful…

      • Robbie says:

        yes, but it is a “mirage” you can’t see what is always beyond the edges:-) that is the beauty of digital photography we can “chop” ” zoom” + “enhance” instantly!:-)

  3. Liz says:

    You may not be posting very often but the posts you are writing are lovely. Quality not quantity! Dill is doing well for me this year too. I find it quite temperamental, perhaps it likes 2013. Hopefully 2014 will be to its liking too.

  4. Diana says:

    Oh now I know how the bitamin-na looks like.
    Hubby brought me back some seeds from Japan last November when he had some work in Osaka..
    Enjoyed looking at your photos.

    • Lrong says:

      Diana-san, hisashi buri desu… the bitamin-na is somewhat like the komatsu-na, I think… perhaps a little ‘tougher’ in the cold weather… it is equally delicious…

  5. jeannietay says:

    I let my kind neighbour to take over whatever garden space outside to do his planting of vegetables and fruit trees…he’ll share his harvest whenever possible:D A privilege indeed! Happy New Year to you!

  6. malar says:

    I was laughing while reading your post! 😉 You have a lot of green vegetables coming up! No TV since 2005? wow! ;0

    • Lrong says:

      Am happy to see that you are ‘entertained’ by my post… yes, quite a bit of winter veggies in the field now… and yes, no TV since 2005 and loving it…

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