Flowers at the potager in early spring of 2014…

The weather is warming up here in Japan…
I finally managed to sow about twenty types of vegetable seeds last weekend
‘Regular’ stuff such as tomato, eggplant, chili, chard, peanut, long bean, soybean, bitter gourd, butter scotch pumpkin, corn, okra, moroheya, Malabar spinach, among others…


Meanwhile, in the potager, the fava beans are flowering…
The plants are a little stunted compared to those of previous years…
But they look quite ok…
By the way, I see at least two ‘faces’ in the flowers…
How many do or can you see?


And snap peas too, are blooming…
We enjoy eating this pea as much as we do the fava beans…
In about two weeks or so, I predict that the peas are ready for harvesting…
And the harvest should hopefully continue all the way until about May…


And yes, this is also the time of the year that we see the leafy greens rushing to bolt…
The flowers of the arugula or rocket differs from its cousins in the mustard green family in that, its flowers are not yellow in color…
In addition, the petals of the rocket flowers are normally just four while the others probably have about five or more petals (if I am not mistaken, that is)…

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15 Responses to Flowers at the potager in early spring of 2014…

  1. Helen Lim says:

    Well done Lrong!! I have not started my spring planting. The frost spared my tomatoes so I harvested tomatoes thru winter. Just yanked out some of them to put in new plants. Lots of weeds because of winter rain. Look forward to following your garden

    • Lrong says:

      Hi Helen… thanks for coming by… lucky of you to have tomatoes throughout the winter… mine withered away some time ago…. as for weeds, I have a lot of them here too… 🙂

  2. mac says:

    Wow, you have beans and squash started already? Is it easy to grow peanut? I don’t think we have enough heat hours for it, I read somewhere it requires 12,000+ hrs of heat

    • Lrong says:

      Beans yes… squash, not yet… I only managed to put their seeds into pots a week ago… for peanuts, I find them quite easy to grow… not much maintenance to do… however, I am not so sure about the minimum number of heat hours they need…

  3. jeannietay says:

    Very nice, I am so envious of your green fingers! I can’t get anything to grow except weeds!

  4. Sho'Nuff says:

    Oh, I am SO jealous that you’ve already begun gardening. Here in the middle of America, the ground has just thawed and the soil is still too cold. Everything is grey and chilly. I’m SO looking forward to your posts this year. Bless you!

    • Lrong says:

      Well, my garden does not really get frosted up or covered with snow throughout the winter… so I am quite lucky in a way… the veggies are growing well and the seeds have yet to germinate for my spring planting…. Hope you get to dig your fingers into the soil soon…

  5. Mrs. N says:

    I started clearing back in January when we had two weeks of pretend spring weather – lol. I started planting and sowing about three weeks ago. Snap endo are about two-3 feet tall now and climbing up the trellis I made. Spinach is a couple of inches high. LETTUCE is growing and we had a bit of it the other night. My flowers are growing and the seeds I scattered are all shooting up out of the ground. This is so much fun! I havent given up. I always wished to see a photo of the expanse of your garden.

    • Lrong says:

      You are faster than me, Connie… lucky of you to be living in Kyushu… so nice to see you enjoying your garden… if I put up a picture of the expanse of my garden, it will look pretty dirty and untidy… 🙂

  6. Always love the papery looking flowers of rocket. They are a surprise beauty in the garden!

  7. Robbie says:

    Beautiful flowers! Lovely pictures always lrong:-) We are still under snow + I was out of town for a bit, so I thought when I got back that I would be getting my plants outside, but not yet! It is still cold and we may have some cold days next week:-) I have always thought the arugula flower is one of the sweetest flowers:-) I have found it hard to capture, but you did a great job!

    • Lrong says:

      Hi Robbie… weather here is getting to be really nice… some of the seeds have started to germinate… cucumber, okra, amaranth, Thai basil, moroheya, water spinach, chard, etc… only thing is, the pollens are all over the air and I am suffering from hay fever 😉

      • Robbie says:

        that stinks! We have yet to see any buds on the trees. this winter is just hanging around too long. We have a warm day tomorrow, but after that cold returns. The daffodils are poking through the earth,but this next cold snap will slow things down again.
        I am excited to plant the moroheya seed you sent:-)
        Hope you feel better:-)

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