Potager Y, mid summer 2017

Woohoo… some (delayed) updates of the potager…

This pic was actually from early spring (hence the attire), with yours truly feeling happy with the tomatoes…

Yes, the tomatoes did quite well, and we made tomato chutney out of the green ones, and shared some of them with our neighbors…

The potager was looking pretty and neat…

The chard seedling started off well…

The companions, lettuce and onions, got along very nicely…

So did the Komatsu-na…

The purple Malabar spinach is as always, looking somewhat photogenic…

Carrots were okay… not too bad…

But the cauliflowers were a bit miserable and smallish…

The ‘Pom-kan’ orange tasted very nice, and we look forward to seeing a bigger harvest next time…

The snap peas, did marvelously well, and gave us lots to eat over a few months…

The fava beans did equally well, and luckily, the crows did not come for them…

And finally, the Sakura cherries were lovely to look at and to eat…
Again, we were very happy to harvest them before the little birds came…


About Lrong

Gardening, I adore... Photography, I cherish... Scuba diving, I fancy... Shakuhachi, I relish... and barefoot walking, I revel in...
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11 Responses to Potager Y, mid summer 2017

  1. Mrs. N says:

    Hey Lrong! I was starting to be worried about you- great update! Glad to see the potager doing well. My mini tomatoes have been going nuts here. Weather’s been cruddy but garden is doing ok. Happy to see your post‼️🍉🍆

    • Lrong says:

      Hi Connie… thanks for your comment and your thoughts… I am doing fine, actually… these days, my blogging time is being ‘taken over’ by playing the shakuhachi… I read that you had a ‘incident’, and I hope you are feeling better now…

      • Mrs. N says:

        Hey there friend! Awesome about the shakuhachi! Been tinkering with ukulele myself….yeah I should be back to normal by October. Really messed up my knee big time. Learned can lesson so I guess that’s ok.

  2. narf7 says:

    What a lovely post Lrong and great to see you looking happy and healthy with those lovely tomatoes. We are in the throes of winter here in Tasmania Australia but I can live happily by looking at the wonderful allotments and gardens of my friends in the north all over the world. Thank you for this lovely garden update and for all of these beautiful colourful images that remind me that spring is just around the corner for us in the southern hemisphere and that pretty soon our mud will dry up and we will be able to get back out into the garden. I have fava beans growing this year in my fridge wicking garden beds so fingers crossed I get some this year. Thank you again for these lovely photos, they are much appreciated. All happiness to you and your lovely wife 🙂

    • Lrong says:

      Hi narf7… thank you for your kind words and well wishes… summer here is really hot and after just 30 minutes in the garden, I sweat like a waterfall… anyway, glad to hear of your fava beans and I hope they will turn out well…

      • narf7 says:

        We are getting the opposite here at the moment and have had a very cold (for us, you would be in a t-shirt as you are used to a LOT colder than us 😉 ) and dry winter. I am looking forward to getting out into the garden and dabbling in food again 🙂

  3. malar says:

    Nice photo with the tomatoes! You look great! Good harvest too!
    I wish i’m your neighbour to receive a bottle of tomato chutney! hahhahaha…

  4. Robbie says:

    wow! You are VERY productive this year and neat!! We are having a drought and I am having to water quite a bit this late summer. Your garden is so pretty and neat. I have to say mine is on the messy side right now. Things are over grown and I Need to clear out all my summer crops. I did plant fall snow peas, beets, tatsoi, spinach, lettuce, mustard and ohter greens for winter eating. I am on to planning for next year. I love your pictures as usual, very beautiful!!!! You make vegetables too pretty to eat-LOL
    I had an arborist stop by yesterday and he said my pear tree does not have to be taken out. I am going to feed it and hope he can trim it back. It is 45+ years old and provides a lot of pears. My cherry tree provided a bunch of cherries a year ago but a “too wet” season took it out and it has to be cut out this falll:-( Oh well, sometimes that happens.
    I did have great success with my red peppers. I have been saving seed from the past few years and crossed two types I found tasty and this year I grew them out. I will do a post next few weeks to share. They were all read and I harvested more peppers from my own saved seed than anytime ever in my garden. I saved from the ones that rippened

    • Lrong says:

      Dear Robbie… A very good evening from Japan… Many thanks for coming by, and I must say that you are too kind with your comments… 🙂
      My garden is actually messy most of the time. Those pictures were taken soon after I ‘dressed’ up the beds…
      It looks like I have to start sowing those winter crop seeds this coming weekend… peas, lettuce, mustard, etc… Tatsoi is a lovely vegetable, isn’t it?
      I envy the productivity of your pear tree.
      The tree that I have has so far produce rather small fruits. Blame the bad farmer…
      I am also happy to hear that your red peppers did well.
      I look forward to your post on this…
      Happy gardening!

  5. Robbie says:

    “red”..sorry no proof reading…these small rectangles do not make commenting easy!

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