Roots, greens, gourds, citruses…

Hello everyone… yours truly had been doing quite well and enjoying gardening as usual… Here are a few pictures showing some of the harvests that we have had over the past months…


Carrots had done pretty well… at times, we had to ‘catch up’ with the harvests as we love eating them fresh… still, with so much, my sweeto-haato had to preserve quite a bit of them in vinegar…


Pumpkins almost always do well… I think this time, we harvested almost 60 of these specimens… this type is very resistant to pests, and they are so easy to grow.. plus, they taste super good…


The greens did not do as well as I had planned them to be… sometimes, you cannot just beat the insect-pests… still, we had quite a harvest, and they tasted very good too…


Radishes… hmm, not too good either… in fact, rather miserable… looking forward to next season to try again….


For the first time, our lemon tree gave us about 12 fruits this year… I think this is a practice session for the tree, and I hope it will give us more fruits next year…


‘Pomkan’, a type of Mandarin orange, gave us a bumper harvest this year… over 120 fruits… they are so succulent and fragrant…


Limes galore… we had soooo much that I had to share with our neighbors and my work colleagues… too much for me to count… they have a very refreshing flavor, and one of our neighbors was so delighted that he immediately rewarded us with his home-made soba noodles…


And yes, navel oranges… compared to last year’s bonanza, we had only about 80 this time… I really love the sweetness of this fruit… so juicy, so full-bodied…


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3 Responses to Roots, greens, gourds, citruses…

  1. Chhaya says:

    Hello Mr. Lrong!
    You have such a wonderful blog here. I have been a silent reader for a long time but felt compelled to comment to ask why you haven’t been posting recently and hoping that all is well at the Potager Y. Wishing you and your wife a very happy new year!

    • Lrong says:

      Hi Chhaya… thank you so much for your kind gesture, and for reading my blog. I am doing fine, actually, and all is pretty well with Potager Y. I am still growing veggies and fruits, and enjoying life. I know, I should be posting… soon! A very happy and prosperous 2020 to you and your loved ones too!

      • Chhaya says:

        Great to hear from you, Mr. Lrong! Will look forward to reading about the beautiful vegetables and fruits and flowers growing at Potager Y. Take care.

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