On being a ‘week-end’ farmer…

Note: Woohoo… just discovered that I had left this write-out un-posted. My records say that this is from 2013, sometime around June…  am now posting it 7 years late… 🙂 
See update at the end of this post. 

Being a ‘week-end’ farmer, Saturdays and Sundays are normally filled up with ‘work’ in the potager…

Each weekend, there is like, a thousand and two things to do and there is just so little time…

So one can imagine how ‘precious’ my weekend time is…

Just to give an idea on the thousand and two things… this past weekend, I had the following items noted in my ‘TTD’ (Things to do) list…

Fix chicken play area
Harvest potatoes
Harvest red onions
Transplant pumpkin seedlings
Transplant watermelon seedlings
Sow corn seeds
Chainsaw firewood
Chop fire wood
Transplant okra seedlings
Fertilize cucumber plants
Harvest kale
Harvest garlic
Fix pole for ‘porotan’ chestnut plant
Fix strings on pond
Clear chicken dung
Transplant passion fruit seedling
Harvest biwa fruits
Transplant myoga plant
Transplant moroheya seedlings
Transplant basil seedlings

Wooh, tiring… but definitely fun…

Still, in the midst of carrying out these ‘work’, I do take time off to photograph and smell the flowers…

Update December 5th 2020 
I am still a week-end farmer, and am still if not more busy on weekends as I have taken up more hobbies and commitments. Anyway, life is good and I am having a wonderful time! Happy gardening to all my friends!! 


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