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Honey bees in the potager!

A bit of a flashback for this post, all the way back to the summer of 2017. I was super lucky to be introduced to a veteran bee keeper in Kagawa. Keeping honey bees had always been a dream for … Continue reading

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Roots, greens, gourds, citruses…

Hello everyone… yours truly had been doing quite well and enjoying gardening as usual… Here are a few pictures showing some of the harvests that we have had over the past months… Carrots had done pretty well… at times, we … Continue reading

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Autumn 2017 delights…

Autumn is without doubt, my favorite season of the year… The temperature is cool, the air… dry and comfortable… Plus, it is a wonderful time for gardening… On top of all these, it is also the season of my favorite … Continue reading

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Potager Y, mid summer 2017

Woohoo… some (delayed) updates of the potager… This pic was actually from early spring (hence the attire), with yours truly feeling happy with the tomatoes… Yes, the tomatoes did quite well, and we made tomato chutney out of the green … Continue reading

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Ten years of Potager Y @ Japan

We acquired this piece of land in 2007… It was wild… and I was equipped with just simple garden tools… Took me months, but I managed to manually clear up the land and carved up the lots… (See here and here … Continue reading

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