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さくらさくら Sakura Sakura

(English follows Japanese) 結構長年、尺八を吹いています。でも、「さくらさくら」という曲は、あまり吹こうとして来なかった。今回、やってみました。もともと、江戸時代の筝曲ですが、作曲者は不詳。ビデオは2か所から撮影された、うちのソメイヨシノです。鳥の声は聞こえますか?録画はそのままで、編集されていませんです。何種類あるのでしょうかね。 Been playing the Shakuhachi for many moons now, but never really have had much of a motivation to play the well known song ‘Sakura Sakura’. Well, finally, here it is. This is a traditional song dating … Continue reading

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大島桜+「どこかで春が」 Oshima sakura + ‘Doko ka de haru ga’

It is raining lightly today and the feeling is good… Early spring in Japan is such a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors, even with a little bit of rain… Stayed indoors however, to play the shakuhachi and watch the … Continue reading

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Potager Y @ Japan, what’s growing in December 2020

The year 2020 marks the 13th year of my ‘Potager Y @ Japan’ gardening hobby. Each year, I plant and harvest about 50 types of vegetables and herbs. It has been a very educational yet fulfilling, exciting and beneficial time … Continue reading

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On being a ‘week-end’ farmer…

Note: Woohoo… just discovered that I had left this write-out un-posted. My records say that this is from 2013, sometime around June…  am now posting it 7 years late… 🙂 See update at the end of this post.  Being a ‘week-end’ … Continue reading

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Honey bees in the potager!

A bit of a flashback for this post, all the way back to the summer of 2017. I was super lucky to be introduced to a veteran bee keeper in Kagawa. Keeping honey bees had always been a dream for … Continue reading

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