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Potager Y destroyed by Typhoon 11…

Was away in Indonesia for a while (see report here)… And when we returned to Japan, Typhoon 11 was there to welcome us… It has been quite a while since Shikoku has such a massive typhoon coming straight on… All … Continue reading

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Amaranths, peanuts, malabar spinach, shiso…

Thanks to the frequent rains, things are growing very well at the potager…And thanks to Diana of Kebun Malay-Kadazan girls for sending the amaranth seeds…Grew eight patches of these amaranth and had been eating them for a while now… they … Continue reading

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Massive, vicious Typhoon Number 6 hits Shikoku

Massive, vicious Typhoon Number 6 made a straight hit at Shikoku on 19th July… We had just returned on the 18th, after spending a short break at Malaysia…  Our plants began fluttering in the winds… Oh oh, I knew we … Continue reading

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Greens growing well…

Due to the unexpectedly constant rain for the past few weeks The greens in our potager have been flourishing… Bayam or amaranth(green pointed leaves)… red ladies finger, nasturtium… Parsnip… seeds from Cairns… trying it for the first time… Daikon (Japanese … Continue reading

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