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Japanese yam aka ‘Jinenjo’ and the Beautiful Blog Award…

While walking the hills near our home one day two or three years ago, my suweeto haato suggested that we harvest the ‘jinenjo’ (自然薯 literally, ‘natural yam’) that were growing in the wild… We, more like I, dug at one … Continue reading

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Aliums, roots… and the Versatile Blogger award

We prefer red onions to the white ones… This year’s harvest brought us (only) about 2 kilograms of onions…  Yet another ‘indicator’ that there is still a lot for this ‘farmer’ to learn…   A mini-teeny 2 kilograms really does … Continue reading

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Seemania… the Liebster award…

Returned home today after spending two weeks in Malaysia… The temperature there was about 30 degrees, and here, about 2 degrees… wheeaaa…  Prior to leaving, my missus had brought back a pot of orange-colored eye catching flowers… ‘Seemania’, she blurted … Continue reading

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Flowers… of plum, pear, rocket, peas

Glorious flowers from a neighbor’s plum (peach) tree protrudes into our potager…For me, this must be one of the prettiest plum (peach) blooms I have ever seen…Rich colors, perfectly (almost) shaped petals… On the other side of the fence comes our very … Continue reading

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