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Crop rotation and companion planting for Potager Y 2013 season…

Weather is becoming more pleasant these days…In the mornings, the thermometer dips to about 1 to 2 degrees…The mercury then shoots up to about 10 degrees on a nice, fine day… Yes, it is time to start some seeds…Corn, peanuts, … Continue reading


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Vegetable bed preparation

Did some weeding and tilling in the vegetable garden to prepare for spring planting…The soils is still cold but the weeds are having a head-start already.So, need to remove them before they get too big.Am putting up a boundary for … Continue reading

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Had quite a handful to do in the garden over the weekend… Counted the trees that need pruning… Big trees of up to three meters… about 40… Smaller trees of about one meter… about 30… But that can wait a … Continue reading

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