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Late summer, early autumn harvests

Part of my day job requires me to make quite a bit of overseas travel, some of which can be rather long… Upon returning from one of those trips, I found the chestnuts had dropped onto the ground… Many of … Continue reading

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Blueberries, plums, shiso, among others…

The three blueberry plants this year are giving us lots of fruit…Am feeling so blissful, to be able to eat these lovely fruits from our own garden…  In addition to blueberries, our plums are also giving us a bumper harvest … Continue reading

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Bitter gourd, pumpkin, and long beans…

Been very busy with work lately… Bitter gourd is standard fare on our dining table…  My sweeto haato specifically says, ‘grow the long type and not the stubby type’… They are quite easy to grow… at this point of time, … Continue reading


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The harvest continues…

Was thrilled to have a week off from the university… In this ‘o-bon’ (all souls?) season, the Japanese folks take time off from work to pay respects to their deceased ancestors… For me, this presents an excellent opportunity for me … Continue reading

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Autumn delights

Mid to late autumn is the season when the morning sun rays are well positioned to light up one of our three stone lanterns…This lantern sits right in our view as we chew on our breakfast goodies each morning… Your … Continue reading

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