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Ten years of Potager Y @ Japan

We acquired this piece of land in 2007… It was wild… and I was equipped with just simple garden tools… Took me months, but I managed to manually clear up the land and carved up the lots… (See here and here … Continue reading

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Cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, carrot, ume flowers

I normally buy just two pots of cauliflower seedlings each autumn… And after a few months in the potager, woah… My missus made me a delicious curry out of it… Same with the broccoli… Only two pots of the seedlings… … Continue reading

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Welcoming Spring 2014 with Jerusalem artichoke, spinach, daikon, broccoli, potatoes…

Last year, my suweeto haato bought a bunch of Jerusalem artichokes from the local farmer’s market… They tasted really good: sweet and crunchy… So, I kept three little ones as seed for our potager… Just harvested one plant yesterday, and … Continue reading


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Carrots, radish, broccoli…

Today is vernal or spring equinox and Japan celebrates it as a national holiday…  Which means I get to dirty my hands in the potager…  and also that the weather is warming up for good…. yahoooo…. But hmmm, my carrots … Continue reading

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Broccoli… easy to grow, good to eat, and full of benefits…

Do you like broccoli?  We love this vegetable… it is pretty easy to grow…  And after we harvest the main ‘crown’, the smaller ‘crowns’ keep popping up and we get to continue enjoying the vegetable… Broccoli is rich in vitamin … Continue reading

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