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Roots, greens, gourds, citruses…

Hello everyone… yours truly had been doing quite well and enjoying gardening as usual… Here are a few pictures showing some of the harvests that we have had over the past months… Carrots had done pretty well… at times, we … Continue reading

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Potager Y, mid summer 2017

Woohoo… some (delayed) updates of the potager… This pic was actually from early spring (hence the attire), with yours truly feeling happy with the tomatoes… Yes, the tomatoes did quite well, and we made tomato chutney out of the green … Continue reading

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Carrots, loads of it… and Chayote germinating…

Whoopeee… hope every one is enjoying the early spring winds and feeling excited about the upcoming growing season (for those living in the northern hemisphere, that is)… A lot of things had been happening in my life… some happy and … Continue reading

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Cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, carrot, ume flowers

I normally buy just two pots of cauliflower seedlings each autumn… And after a few months in the potager, woah… My missus made me a delicious curry out of it… Same with the broccoli… Only two pots of the seedlings… … Continue reading

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Carrots, radish, broccoli…

Today is vernal or spring equinox and Japan celebrates it as a national holiday…  Which means I get to dirty my hands in the potager…  and also that the weather is warming up for good…. yahoooo…. But hmmm, my carrots … Continue reading

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