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Butter scotch pumpkin, Hawk’s claws chillies, etc…

Was trying to dig out an azalea plant to make space for the ‘Southern Cross’…    Slipped, fell over and hit my head on the concrete steps…  Next thing I knew was the sound of my own heavy breathing… My … Continue reading

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Chillies, figs, pumpkins, watermelons

As always, autumn here is so pleasant.The air is dry and cool… only thing is the remaining few pesky mosquitoes…Been enjoying the garden all along and ignoring the blogging… This is a picture of the chillies I am growing this … Continue reading

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Autumn delights

Mid to late autumn is the season when the morning sun rays are well positioned to light up one of our three stone lanterns…This lantern sits right in our view as we chew on our breakfast goodies each morning… Your … Continue reading

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More ‘fruits’ from the garden… The chillie plants are still productive even as the November temperatures slide… From top… everyone probably know the long beans… Got the seeds from my mum in the kampong… Taste very good with fish curries… … Continue reading

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