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Winter delights: pomkan, mamba, peanut, sweet potato, ume…

Immediately after moving into our present house, bought this citrus ‘pomkan’ seedling… Finally giving fruits for the first time… and only two fruits at that… The taste was very good, I must say… and I surely look forward to more … Continue reading

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Bountiful peanut harvest…

Had been fooling around growing peanuts in the potager for about three years… The last two years had seen harvests that were, hmmm, pitiful… to say the least… Today, the leaves showed some signs of yellowing…  So, decided to do … Continue reading

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Friendly neighbors…

Several kind readers commented on the friendly neighbors we have here at Aji…Lucky as we are, my missus on one of her morning walks in the hills met an acquaintance by accident… The acquaintance was just heading to her garden plot … Continue reading

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Camellia, citrus, ta-sai…

Camellias in winter offer one of the few colorful sights in our garden…The nectar in the flowers attract a very cute small bird call ‘mejiro’ (Japanese White Eye?)… I like the flowers so much that I am contemplating to make a hedge with just the camellia … Continue reading

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Sweet potatoes, mandarin oranges

Grew three species of sweet potatoes last April…The racoons got the better of the potatoes, but luckily they left some behind…The above potatoes are called ‘Anno’…The flesh is orange in color and is extremely smooth, moist, and sweet…We take them … Continue reading

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