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Harvests from late autumn 2015

Obviously been goofing off again, for too long from blogging… 🙂 Anyway, here’s yours truly, feeling good at the potager… If you eat loquats, keep the seeds… Our loquat trees give us very good fruits, and seeds too… Over the … Continue reading


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Blueberries, plums, shiso, among others…

The three blueberry plants this year are giving us lots of fruit…Am feeling so blissful, to be able to eat these lovely fruits from our own garden…  In addition to blueberries, our plums are also giving us a bumper harvest … Continue reading

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Cosmos from a friendly neighbor…

Saturday today started off cloudy…The potager was wet from the heavy rain yesterday… Could not really work on the wet soil… So, filed the teeth of the chain saw to get ready for the upcoming wood collecting season for our wood stove… … Continue reading

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Marigold, cosmos, zinia…

Even in the cold weather, the marigold plants in the potager still bloom…They emit a very nice fragrance…I plant them as ‘companions’ to the veggies as they are supposed to ward off harmful insects…Their petals are reported to be edible … Continue reading

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