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Massive, vicious Typhoon Number 6 hits Shikoku

Massive, vicious Typhoon Number 6 made a straight hit at Shikoku on 19th July… We had just returned on the 18th, after spending a short break at Malaysia…  Our plants began fluttering in the winds… Oh oh, I knew we … Continue reading

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Beets and cucumbers…

Harvested quite a bit of beets this season…They belong to the ‘goose-foot’ family, as does the spinach…My missus slices them and have them cooked lightly in vinegar…Lovely vegetable, I must say… Here is a sample of the cucumbers we harvested … Continue reading

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Success with Cucumbers

Had been trying to grow cucumbers for the last two seasons…Thought this season would be equally bad…But luckily, they are growing very well… Tried the ‘two’ (rather than three) sisters method wth corn…The corn is actually now overwhelmed by the … Continue reading

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Flowers to chew on…

This pic shows a salad mix prepared by my suweeto-haato…The usual stuff like peas, red turnips, onions, cucumbers…Plus, edible flowers like the blue borage, the red nasturtium, the sinewy, beige (?) rocket, the pink geranium… and the yellow chrysanthemum…All these … Continue reading

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