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Late summer, early autumn harvests

Part of my day job requires me to make quite a bit of overseas travel, some of which can be rather long… Upon returning from one of those trips, I found the chestnuts had dropped onto the ground… Many of … Continue reading

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Sakura-cherries, snap peas, onions, and garlic…

  I had planted two sakura-cherry trees years ago…One tree had been giving fruits for the past three years or so, while the other tree is still fruitless… The cherries are just about one centimeter across, not too big… But … Continue reading

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Aliums, roots… and the Versatile Blogger award

We prefer red onions to the white ones… This year’s harvest brought us (only) about 2 kilograms of onions…  Yet another ‘indicator’ that there is still a lot for this ‘farmer’ to learn…   A mini-teeny 2 kilograms really does … Continue reading

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