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Wild grapes…

Had a ‘bumper’ harvest from the wild grapes in our property… All in all, 2.2 kilograms… whoopee… This, compared to last year when I could hardly get any harvest… Perhaps there is some truth in plants alternating between bumper harvest … Continue reading

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Flowers… of plum, pear, rocket, peas

Glorious flowers from a neighbor’s plum (peach) tree protrudes into our potager…For me, this must be one of the prettiest plum (peach) blooms I have ever seen…Rich colors, perfectly (almost) shaped petals… On the other side of the fence comes our very … Continue reading

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Wild grapes, Swiss chard…

We are very lucky to have several wild grape plants in our property…They are very capable of taking care of themselves, which means zero attention from me… I just prune them and position their canes in such a way so … Continue reading

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Persimmons, olives, grapes flowering…

There are five persimmon plants in our property… One is a matured tree but the fruits are nothing to ‘whoaa’ about… These are flowers from a young tree…think this tree came about from seeds ‘air-dropped’ by crows…Size of the flowers… maybe … Continue reading

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