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Loquats, wineberries, strawberries, fava beans…

June is the season for loquat-harvesting… The fruits were so juicy and sweet… hmmmm… Normally, I need to reduce (in other words, ‘sacrifice’) the number of fruits, from up to about twenty fruits in a bunch to just two fruits… … Continue reading


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Strawberries, wineberries, Japanese maple, pear flowers, sansho shoots, gumi…

Grew four strawberry plants last October… Managed to harvest just a few of the fruits… Am hoping they will start to flower more… The Japanese wine-berries have started to ripen… Now, compared to the strawberries, this wine-berry grows somewhat ‘wildly’ … Continue reading

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Japanese wineberry

Don’t you love berries? My missus often walk the nearby hills and I sometimes join her in the weekends… There are a lot of goodies that we can ‘harvest’ from the hills… One of our favorites is the Japanese wine … Continue reading

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