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Lavendar, the French and English…

Some flowers from my suweeto haato’s herb patch… The lavender above was given by a neighbor… Am not sure of its name… My missus says it is French lavender but I prefer to name it ‘rabbit ear’ lavender… Again, am not sure of the name… … Continue reading


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Flowers in the rainy season…

We are in the midst of the rainy season…Incidentally, Typhoon Number 4 is currently scraping over the Japanese archipelago as I blog, bringing with it much rain and strong winds…Luckily, our place is not along its path… And yes, rainy … Continue reading

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Roots and flowers for the festive season…

Today is the Lunar New Year…For the Japanese, it is ‘setsubun no hi’, translated as ‘Bean Throwing Festival’…On this day, the Japanese people eat ‘norimaki’ (vinegared rice rolled in seaweed), sardines, and throw beans to ward off the devil…In more down … Continue reading

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Spring gardening…

Once again this year, the Somei-Yoshino sakura tree in our garden did not disappoint.I have to thank again the previous house owner for planting this ornament almost three decades ago for our enjoyment. Been spending almost all my ‘free’ time … Continue reading

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