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The Autumn Giraffe, among others…

Autumn days at Shikoku have been super pleasant… Cool, dry, and simply heavenly to be outdoors… Took a shot of our potager today…The marigolds are still blooming, as are the zinnias… This dwarf of a flower is called ‘wild chrysamthemum’ (野菊)in Japanese… They … Continue reading


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Potager Y on a hot, humid summer’s day…

Been really busy with work lately…. It is during times like this when I ask myself, ‘now why didn’t I choose to become a full time farmer?’… I have full freedom to decide how I want to work, when I … Continue reading

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Friendly neighbors…

Several kind readers commented on the friendly neighbors we have here at Aji…Lucky as we are, my missus on one of her morning walks in the hills met an acquaintance by accident… The acquaintance was just heading to her garden plot … Continue reading

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Tiger lily… pink rose…

We put on the kerosene stove to keep us warm in winters…On top of the stove, we sometimes put a pot there…From the pot, we cook soup, boil water, and at times, red beans…With the red bean soup, we put in the bulb … Continue reading

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