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Sansho (Japanese Pepper), peanuts, long beans, butter scotch pumpkin, loofah

We are very lucky to have this sansho(山椒)or Japanese pepper growing in the wild in our property… It is related to the Szechuan pepper (if I am not mistaken, one of the ingredients for the five spice powder), but they … Continue reading

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Beans, winged and long… and nuts of the pea-type…

Tried to grow for three seasons, winged beans from seeds taken back from Malaysia… But no cigar… just as the plants began to flower, winter came along and killed them all… Could it be that these these beans are too … Continue reading

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Bitter gourd, pumpkin, and long beans…

Been very busy with work lately… Bitter gourd is standard fare on our dining table…  My sweeto haato specifically says, ‘grow the long type and not the stubby type’… They are quite easy to grow… at this point of time, … Continue reading


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