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Harvests from late autumn 2015

Obviously been goofing off again, for too long from blogging… 🙂 Anyway, here’s yours truly, feeling good at the potager… If you eat loquats, keep the seeds… Our loquat trees give us very good fruits, and seeds too… Over the … Continue reading

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Sansho (Japanese Pepper), peanuts, long beans, butter scotch pumpkin, loofah

We are very lucky to have this sansho(山椒)or Japanese pepper growing in the wild in our property… It is related to the Szechuan pepper (if I am not mistaken, one of the ingredients for the five spice powder), but they … Continue reading

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Potager Y destroyed by Typhoon 11…

Was away in Indonesia for a while (see report here)… And when we returned to Japan, Typhoon 11 was there to welcome us… It has been quite a while since Shikoku has such a massive typhoon coming straight on… All … Continue reading

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Pumpkin ‘art’ and the two loofahs…

Pumpkins are believed to originate from North America…The Japanese call them ‘kabocha’, which rhymes with Kampuchea…Apparently, to the Japanese, the pumpkin came into Japan from Cambodia, hence the name… Our pumpkin harvest is not too bad this year… All in … Continue reading

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A fling with the evening primrose…

Hmmm… another big typhoon is heading our way… This time, it is Typhoon Number 15… Anyway, in between the intermittent rains and winds, had been keeping busy at the potager… Pulled out some ‘weeds’ yesterday, knowing quite well that the … Continue reading

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