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Potager Y in mid October 2014

It has been a long while since I last wrote. Reason is, I had not been feeling well (see here for the story). Still, I could not just sit still and watch the days go by. Weak I was/am, I … Continue reading

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Blueberries, plums, shiso, among others…

The three blueberry plants this year are giving us lots of fruit…Am feeling so blissful, to be able to eat these lovely fruits from our own garden…  In addition to blueberries, our plums are also giving us a bumper harvest … Continue reading

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Moroheya comes alive…

Have been super busy lately, with a million thousand things… Anyway, this is one of my favorite vegetables… As with other veggies, the drought this past summer almost killed my moroheya plants… Luckily, the typhoons came and saved the day… Now, … Continue reading

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Harvesting on a hot August weekend in 2011

Our tomatoes are doing pretty well this year… And for reasons quite unclear to me, the crows did not come for them this time… When I am working in the potager, I love to pop these goodies into my mouth, … Continue reading

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