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Nasturtium, to start the ball rolling…

Ok, this is the very first post for Potager Y @ Japan, ‘Version 2.0’ (For ‘Version 1.0’, please see here.) Had been struggling to learn how to post pictures in WordPress… (Had used Blogger since 2004 as my blog host, … Continue reading

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Gardening in the heat of summer

Hmmm, must say to you folks that I am more of a (student) ‘gardener’ rather than a ‘blogger’… I take my hat off to some of you folks who can update your blogs so often… Anyway, been enjoying dirtying my … Continue reading

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Flowers to chew on…

This pic shows a salad mix prepared by my suweeto-haato…The usual stuff like peas, red turnips, onions, cucumbers…Plus, edible flowers like the blue borage, the red nasturtium, the sinewy, beige (?) rocket, the pink geranium… and the yellow chrysanthemum…All these … Continue reading


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