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Strawberries, wineberries, Japanese maple, pear flowers, sansho shoots, gumi…

Grew four strawberry plants last October… Managed to harvest just a few of the fruits… Am hoping they will start to flower more… The Japanese wine-berries have started to ripen… Now, compared to the strawberries, this wine-berry grows somewhat ‘wildly’ … Continue reading


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Pears, eggplants, and Chinese chives…

They say that ‘with practice, you can get better’… These pears are still small, but they are bigger than those from last year’s… When I noticed the crows were coming for them, I immediately harvested them all… Eggplants are such … Continue reading

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Typhoon Number 12 rips through Shikoku

This is quite a record, to have a second, massive, vicious typhoon ripping through the Japanese archipelago within such a short span of time…  The eye of the typhoon had cut across Kochi Prefecture in the south and through Kagawa … Continue reading

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Flowers… of plum, pear, rocket, peas

Glorious flowers from a neighbor’s plum (peach) tree protrudes into our potager…For me, this must be one of the prettiest plum (peach) blooms I have ever seen…Rich colors, perfectly (almost) shaped petals… On the other side of the fence comes our very … Continue reading

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