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Autumn 2021, early spring 2022 harvests  2021年秋、2022年早春の収穫

Some harvests to share…Was lucky (no wild boar attack) and happy to reap quite a lot of sweet potatoes.サツマイモの収穫。幸運でイノシシにやられなかった。 Yes, they were the purple type… sweet and delicious…紫の種類、甘くてうまかった。 Navel oranges… managed to harvest about 160 of them.ネーブルオレンジ、160個ぐらいの収穫。 Shared them with … Continue reading


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Autumn 2017 delights…

Autumn is without doubt, my favorite season of the year… The temperature is cool, the air… dry and comfortable… Plus, it is a wonderful time for gardening… On top of all these, it is also the season of my favorite … Continue reading

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Persimmons, olives, grapes flowering…

There are five persimmon plants in our property… One is a matured tree but the fruits are nothing to ‘whoaa’ about… These are flowers from a young tree…think this tree came about from seeds ‘air-dropped’ by crows…Size of the flowers… maybe … Continue reading

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